Taxi in San Antonio and surrounding metro areas.  Service at the airport. hotels, malls  

 restaurants, all military installations and all surrounding communities.  TAXI TO & FROM AIRPORT !

     Since 1980  National Cab  San Antonio Texas 

  We are a local cab company serving San Antonio and the surrounding metro area since 1980. To order quality taxi service, Text, Call or click on the "Online Reservation" link and fill the order form.

For additional questions please email

or call 210-588-9295

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  • Our reservations gets you additional services at no additional cost.

  • Your order will be assign to a driver, the driver's contact information will be email, text, or called to you in the event you may need to contact him and we will provide a  30 minutes verification call before your service.
  • We operate 24/7, early morning reservations not a problem, we will be there on time.

  • Airport orders are met at the baggage claim and help you with your luggage.

  • Our drivers are friendly, knowledgable, veteren cab drivers that know the metro area, speak english, and will provide you excellent service.
  • Taxi service to or from the airport, home, hotel, restaurant, work, business, military installations and many other locations

  • City approved, licensed, regulated drivers and taxicabs. Do Not trust you transportation needs to an unregulated, illegal car service!


Click Here, Online Reservations

  • Low competitive rates regulated by the City of San Antonio, only $26 to $29 from airport to San Antonio Downtown area.

  • Up to 4 passengers can ride for the price of 1 passenger.....Share A Cab and SAVE!

  • San Antonio taxi service available to airport, city-wide and in surrounding areas.

  • Taxi to airport or at the airport, call us for airport greeting service.

  • Let us take you shopping! Transportation to San Marcos, Tx. Outlet  Malls.

  • We offer out of town transportation.

  • Our cabs offer immediate, safe, and low competitive rates.

  • Use your major credit cards to pay your fare.

  • San Antonio taxi service since 1980.

Click Here, Online Reservations

for email inquires:

Your taxi rate ?  Simply go to  and calculate total mileage for your trip. Multiply total mileage by $2.60 and add $2.50 for the day time meter drop or add $3.50 for night drop.  The total is your approximate fare.


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